Do you provide a delivery service?

We use an approved network of hauliers that are highly experienced and operate using only the most qualified drivers. We have agreements in place will many of these hauliers to provide their service at a reduced rate. If you are worried about issues such as access or lifting a container over an existing building just let us know when you make contact and we can talk you through the options available to you.

When we quote you the cost of haulage for your shipping container it is usually the best price out of two or three quotes for your specific location.

Can I collect my own container?

Of course! Feel free to collect or organise your own shipping container haulage from one of our depots. We do advise your vehicle to have both HIAB and Twist Locks.

Most depots in the UK do not allow containers to be removed from their storage without these.

What locations can I collect my container from?

This depends on which container you require. For example we do not always have new containers at all depots. These are more likely to be available at our coastal depots. It is better to call and we can let you know. Our main depots are: London, Southampton, Felixtowe, Tilbury, Birmingham, Cannock, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow.

What does a shipping container weigh?

Container weights can vary a little especially used containers. In general, an empty standard 20ft shipping container will weigh a little over 2000kgs, and an empty standard 40ft shipping container will weigh around 4200kgs.

Are shipping containers easy to maintain?

Very little maintenance is required for a new shipping container. Because they are designed to be transported around the world for many years without rest, they are designed to weather the elements well. Shipping lines usually retire the containers after 12 to 18 years or so (depending on the shipping company), but in a static storage environment expect your containers to last 25 to 30 years without repairs.

Are shipping containers secure?

Yes, very secure indeed. All our containers are manufactured to the highest internationally recognised specifications. We can also fit hardened lock boxes (cowls) to every set of doors which are used to cover the padlock from view. Only the most determined of efforts with a lot of heavy equipment could penetrate the exterior.

Can I choose the colour of container?

Yes! You can have the containers painted in almost any RAL colour you can think of, just let us know at the time of order. Typically we recommend green (RAL 6007) or blue (5010) as these colours usually do not incurr any additional costs. If you are wanting to buy a second hand container we can have them repainted at the depot. Let us know if you want your used shipping container painting when you order and we will give you a price for that.

Can I have my company logo on the container?

Yes! You can also have your company name, address, contact details as well as the logo placed on the front doors. If you need further vinyl work on the broad side of the container please enquire at time of booking – we can arrange almost anything. Simply let us know what you require and we will arrange this for you.

Do you offer finance?

Unfortunately we do not offer finance at this time.

Do you rent containers out?

Yes we do rent containers out. Generally we rent containers out for a minimum of 12 months with payment up front - including haulage (both ways). We can offer rental offers for a shorter term but it will usually be at a higher rate.

Do I need planning permission to put a shipping container on my land?

Shipping containers are portable buildings and therefore can be moved around as so desired. For that reason they do not usually require planning permission. However, if you are planning to locate the shipping container in a residential or overlooked area, it may be advisable to contact your local council first or speak to your surrounding neighbours first before you proceed.

How can I pay for my shipping containers?

We prefer payment to be made via a bank transfer. All payments must be made in full prior to your container being delivered.

NOTE: We no longer accept card payments due to the increased costs of this service.